In a realm of ethereal grandeur, goddess Rui towers above, a celestial giant three times the size of mortals. Two knights, swords raised defiantly, perceive Rui as a looming threat in their misguided duty.

As they advance, the air crackles with tension, the weight of their mortal ambitions overwhelming them. Succumbing to Rui’s power, the knights drop dead, their swords falling in defeated surrender.

Amidst this tragic scene, skilled archer Sonya, in divine intervention, lowers her bow, choosing restraint over aggression.

Rui, curious and amused, observes as Sonya’s pivotal decision unfolds. In this transcendental moment, Sonya’s withheld arrow becomes an unexpected force—love. She earns the goddess’s affection, recognized as a kindred spirit who chose composure over aggression.