Shae: “Wow slow down! You’ll choke. Jesus you look like Connor.”

MC: “Hhhhhm? munch munch”

Shae: “Well it’s good to know you enjoy the food.”

MC: gulp “Aaaagh, yeah this is amazing! You do this everyday?”

Shae: “No usually I make something simpler for Connor, and I’m never hungry in the morning so I usually don’t eat breakfast. Anyway, I left a towel for you in the bathroom so you can take a shower when you’re done. I also left 50 dollars on the table by the door. Now before you start, I want you to take it, both as thank you for the help and also so i don’t feel like I’m taking advantage of you.”

MC: “Shae, I know you’re not taking advantage of me. I helped you because you needed it, and because I wanted to. I don’t want to take your money.”

Shae: “Well too bad! You might be a bad ass military man but I grew up in Dublin and luck ain’t the only thing the Irish have! Trust me, just take the money.”

MC: “Wow Fine! There’s no winning with you is there?”

Shae: “See? that wasn’t that hard now was it?”